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family reunion invitation idea. It is always fun to plan a few games when you have a family reunion. Games are diversions in the form of chance, skill, endurance, or a combination of these, pursued according to certain rules. Games are surely the most common activity for family reunions. Not only are they fun, but also they force family members to interact with one another. The only thing more fun than watching the kids play games together is watching the adults try to join in as well. Print up certificates and awards to pass out to the winners. You can also pass out inexpensive treats to all the runners-up so that everybody "wins" something.

Fun Family Reunion Idea
Scavenger Hunt: Equipment Needed – A list of things to hunt for (one copy per person or team). How to Play – Give people or groups a list of things to hunt for, and the first one done wins. The common version is to have everyone find strange things (tennis ball, piece of string, coconut...) and bring them back.
Variations – There are a million variations to this. Here are just a few...

  • Cleanup hunt - This version is especially good near the end of the reunion. Give everyone a list of different types of trash (Dr. Pepper can, napkin, plastic fork, watermelon rind, etc), or just see who can pick up the most pieces of trash. No digging in the trashcan is allowed. They have to find them on the ground.

  • Service scavenger hunt - Give them a list of things to do: vacuum one room, read a book to a small child, wash a window, or sweep the porch. You can even have them do each of these things at a different neighbor's home, and the neighbor has to initial the item as proof.

  • Family hunt - Give them a list of personal characteristics, and have them find family members who match (for example, green eyes, no hair, same color eyes, born the same year).

family reunion fund raiser idea. Ideas for Family Reunions
Fruit Basket: Equipment Needed – People intelligent enough to stand in a circle.
How to Play: Make a tight circle – no gaps. Each person chooses a fruit (a little help – strawberry, banana, watermelon, tomato [yes, it is a fruit], cherry, grape). Then it is in the middle. It calls out a fruit. Everyone who has chosen that fruit has to run to another area – an empty space left by a member of the same fruit group. It tries to get into one of those places, therefore leaving one different.

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